Revamped Ministry Schedule Starts Monday

After much prayer and deliberation our team is rolling out a new ministry schedule in Armenia Bonito on Monday. This is the first time since last November that our team has not operated without interns or short-term mission teams. It is just four adults now.

English classes are moved to Mondays at 4pm. Kids Club is Tuesdays at 3pm. Our weekly medical clinics remain the same on Thursdays from 10am to 5pm. In addition we are adding weekly boys and girls discipleship programs on Tuesday. We will also look to add a regular counseling and encouragement time.

Additional regular and onetime events will be added as appropriate.

This new schedule will free up the McCanns to start work on new ministry in El Sauce. It will also free up time for us to work on purchasing and building on two new properties and administering a scholarship program.

Exciting times ahead.