Greater Tension In Honduras

The countrywide curfew has been extended yet again. We have all been locked in our home since Monday afternoon. The curfew has been extended to Wednesday at 6pm. All business and schools are closed and the streets are empty. The borders have been closed, airports have been shut down and all international flights have been canceled.

The ex-President, Manuel Zelaya, has snuck into Honduras and is currently hold up in the Brazilian embassy in the capital city of Tegucigalpa with 40 supporters. The government has turned off water, electricity and phone service to the embassy. Thousands gathered outside the embassy to support Zelaya and clashed with police. Several hundred were arrested and several dozen were injured. The police dispersed the crowed with tear gas and water cannons.

Thus far we have been forced to cancel one English class and one Kids Club in Armenia Bonito. We have been in contact via cell phone with our friends in Armenia Bonito and they are doing fine, if not concerned about us. Thursday we have a medical clinic planned for Armenia Bonito, but we will only hold the clinic if curfew is officially lifted.

We have a little bit of cabin fever. But, our TV and internet work so we are watching all the media outlets (local and international) to keep informed of the developments. Our street, usually one of the busiest in La Ceiba, is eerily quiet. At night we have been hearing gunfire. During the day we hear occasional loudspeakers blaring support for either side and the occasional police siren.

We ask that you pray for the people of Honduras.