Curfew Lifted And Medical Clinic

sweaty Mike providing treatmentThursday morning we got out of the house for the first time since 4pm on Monday. Honduras had been under constant curfew due to concerns over rioting. Mike, Erin and Sean went out to Armenia Bonita and held a free medical clinic for the people there.

Erin treating a little oneMike provided each person with blood pressure, heart rate and blood sugar. He prayed with each person individually and provided evangelism. Erin treated every patient and provided them with free personalized medical care. We saw lots of kids with infected sores and even treated a downs baby we had not seen before.

It was great to serve and great to get out of the house. The ex-President is still holed up in the Brazilian embassy in the capital city. His supporters have clashed with riot police. There have been several deaths. There are numerous reports of rioting, vandalism and looting. Many stores have been broken into and their entire contents have been stolen.

After days of paralyzing curfews, children returned to school, airplanes began landing at the airports, borders were open and downtown streets were again crammed with taxis, buses and vendors hawking newspapers and snacks.

Except for the ex-President hold up in the Brazilian embassy the country is returning to normal.