Cantaloupe, Carl And Kids Club

Dr. Carl on his first day in Atlantida Public HospitalOur weekly English class was held on Monday. Erin taught an advanced class to a couple eager learners, while Mike and Dr. Carl taught the basic class. We went over fruit and family and concluded the class with the students working on their reading and pronunciation on Jesus The Good Shepherd from the book of John.

Erin teaching EngilshOn Tuesday Dr. Carl began work in the rundown Atlantida Public Hospital. This hospital is where the poorest of the poor receive sub par treatment in deplorable conditions. Carl was given an exam room and treated children. His work provides a welcomed volume relief for the doctors there and greatly desired dose of a U.S. trained physician for the patients.

In the afternoon on Tuesday Dr. Carl, Mike and the McCanns held a successful Kids Club for 30 kids. Our message and craft pointed to the biblical story of scattering the seeds.