Busy Health Clinic

Mike taking vitalsOur team and Dr. Carl hosted a free health clinic in Armenia Bonito on Thursday. It was a busy time as we treated sixty people on the day.

Mike saw each person first. He took patient’s basic information and chief complaints. Their vitals and diagnostic information was taken and then Mike prayed with each person and gave them evangelism literature.

Erin working with the adultsErin treated most of our adult patients. She saw pregnancies, arthritis, diabetes and much more. She provided Spanish language literature outlining proper diet and basic health education.

Dr. Carl, who was working at his second clinic in Armenia Bonito, treated mostly Carl working with moms and kidschildren. Carl addressed many infected wounds, parasitic worms and malnutrition. He worked with a translator, but his medical Spanish is great.

Our teammate Sean distributed free medication to everyone and gave them instructions for proper usage.

It was a hot and busy day.