Out With The Boys

On Saturday Mike, Sean and Carl took nine boys from Armenia Bonito into town for a night out. They went out to a restaurant and had burgers and ice cream.

After eating they all played a 4 on 4 indoor soccer tournament. We called the tournament off after the fifth boy went down with injury. We had several bonked heads, one busted lip and a tongue that had a chunk bitten out of it. All in all it was a average soccer tournament for these boys.

We had planned on taking the boys to a professional soccer match, but a game time rainstorm postponed the match. The boys did not want to go back home early so we took them to the local theater, which was thankfully showing a kid friendly movie in Spanish. Seven of the nine boys had never before been in a movie theater.

This was a wonderful opportunity to build relationships with these boys and demonstrate love and mercy to them.