Politics As Usual?

Liberal addHere in Honduras we are in campaign season. The elections will be November 29th and people will be voting for everything from mayor, to congressman, to President. Campaign signs, radio and tv commercials and political events are everywhere.

Conservative addBecause of the political conflict of June 28th and the turmoil that continues to today the tone is very different then any elections we have lived through. The people are eager for the elections as it is a benchmark of getting the current problems behind them.

The primary themes of both the Liberal and Conservative parties are peace and a return to normal. Both sides claiming they can return Honduras back to normal faster then the other. There are also prominent themes including improved health care, smart tourism, more jobs and reduction in crime.

Hondurans are clamoring for this election. The government is excited for the election. Media coverage is high. However, a cloud exists. The international community is threatening to not recognize the election results as the elections would be administered by an “illegitimate government”. Even with all this things are moving forward.

Interesting to watch.