Heat, Health Clinic And Helpers

On Thursday we held our weekly medical clinic in Armenia Bonito. Man was it hot. Everyone spent the day gulping down water and perspiring.

Mike talking with the kidsOur teammates, the McCanns, are in the middle of a well deserved vacation out of Honduras, so we were a little concerned about sufficient staffing for our clinic. Several of our regular Honduran teenagers (George, Walter, Eduardo and Anisa) stepped up and worked with us all day.

Erin cross checking the computer data on a return patientThe added help was appreciated and well needed. Mike checked everyone in, performed diagnostics, prayed with everyone and provided evangelism tracts. Erin did her usual bang-up job providing professional care for each person. Our national helpers worked by our side at each step.

The great news is we provided treatment for over 50 people. Unfortunately, we did not have the resources to see everyone. We were forced to turn 15 people away without service. We are confident we saw the 50 people the Lord wanted us to see.