Mike In Colombia – Day 1

On Monday Mike is off to Bogota, Colombia for an MTW Leadership Conference. For six days all of the Team Leaders for all of the Latin American mission teams will get together for training and to share ideas.

Each day will be filled with seminars and round tables put on by U.S. missionaries, national Pastors and MTW staff.

Mike will keep everyone updated as long as he has good internet access. Pray for our family while we are apart.

5:45am UPDATE

OK…update….I was supposed to leave this morning for a seven day Leadership Conference in Bogota, Colombia. I got to the airport in La Ceiba this morning to catch my 6:00am flight. At the ticket counter I was informed that the government of Colombia requires that I have proof of Yellow Fever vaccination dated at least 10 days before I enter the country…which I do not have.

The airline (Taca) told me that they are not even allowed to let me on the first flight (of four scheduled) with out certification.

As of this morning I am NOT going to Bogota. Since it is so early there is nothing open right now for me to ask how I fix this. I’ll keep you updated.

3:15pm UPDATE

Taca airline requires proof of Yellow Fever when traveling to Columbia, but Copa airline does not. So I have been given a credit for Monday’s tickets and I have purchased new tickets on Copa airlines for Tuesday.

I head out for Columbia on Tuesday and will only miss one day of the conference.