Promoting Our Conference On Jesus In The Old Testament

On Wednesday Mike took four boys from Armenia Bonito into La Ceiba to promote our upcoming conference for local Pastors and church leaders. This conference will be held December 3-5 and will be on “Jesus In The Old Testament”. It is open to all church leaders in La Ceiba and will cost each person only $3.00 to attend.

This is the second such conference we are hosting in an effort to bring theological education to the churches of La Ceiba. This type of training is very rare in Honduras. Many Pastors in La Ceiba have less than a sixth grade education, making preaching an even harder job.

the boys with our flyers in front of the last church of the daySince there are no phone trees or e-mail distribution lists we must hand deliver invitations to every church in La Ceiba. Mike, and our teammate Sean, have divided the churches geographically and use the kids from Armenia Bonito to help in the process. As you can see by the picture the boys put on their best clothes when leaving Armenia Bonito. Going “downtown” is a big event. Mike’s helpers were Wilson, Adon, Isac and Jose Louis.