Kids Club Is Not Baaaaaadddd

On Tuesday Mike, and our teammates Sean and Lindsey, hosted our weekly Kids Club in Armenia Bonito. We had 25 kids attend.

Mike and Sean went to Armenia a bit early to talk with some people and play with the kids. In the blistering heat they played soccer for a little over an hour with the kids. It is amazing how much two out of shape white guys and perspire.

Lindsey led the kids in singing a worship song with the kids. We have really focused on the same few songs for a long time and the kids are really starting to understand them.

Sean then led the kids in a Bible story. He told the kids about Jesus the good shepherd. Every week we use the kids as participants in the story. They play the parts in the story and act out the message. They love that.

We concluded with a craft designed to allow the kids to take home their own personal sheep. Egg cartons, cotton, pipe cleaners, cotton, eyes and a little glue resulted happy kids with their own sheep.

Today we have included a few of the kids with their new sheep. These kids are just beautiful and hope you will pray for them.