Precious Life In Armenia Bonito

There are 3,000 people who live in the poor community of Armenia Bonito. In our 1 ½ years in Honduras we have experienced life and death. Some we know and some we don’t. It is part of the game.

Thursday was a little different. We were in Armenia Bonito to host our weekly medical clinic. We learned that on Wednesday three residents of Armenia lost their lives. One lady died in a roll over car accident on her way into Armenia. The second lady was an elderly woman with poor health who suffered a heart attack. And, the third was a 13-year-old girl who committed suicide because of conflicts with her boyfriend and mother.

Many people were shocked and some had a desire to talk about the three deaths. In this small community everybody new one of the individuals. We fielded questions about death including the biological, practical and religious implications. Several powerful opportunities were presented.

Please pray for this community as they grieve their friends, family and neighbors.