Last English Class Of The Year

Mike teaching EnglishMonday night we hosted our last English class of 2009. This has been a great ministry. We have developed relationships, provided a useful skill and used the class as a platform for evangelism. In this evenings class we had almost 30 students.

Erin taught the advanced class. She focused on conversation and reading comprehension. The advanced class is frequently divided equally between adults and kids.

Madison teaching EnglishMike and Madison taught the beginner class. This class is mostly kids with two or three adults. The first half of this class was focused on animals and pronunciation. We utilized Madison’s drawing skills to turn this lesson into a game. Madison would start drawing an animal and the first person to pronounce the animal correctly in English was the winner. The second half of the beginner class was vocabulary, pronunciation and reading. The students read the story of Jesus calming the sea.

We will return in January with our weekly English classes. We will also offer an adults only class on Saturday mornings.