Madison Accomplishes A First

Madison heading out to schoolMadison, in her life, has attended public school, home school, private school in Costa Rica and two bilingual schools in Honduras. Our move to Honduras 18 months ago took its tool on Madison scholastically. Our 13 year old daughter has had a difficult time, but she has steadily improved.

On Wednesday she got word that for the first time she got all As and Bs. Let us clarify…for the first time IN HER LIFE she got all As and Bs. She has NEVER done that before. She was one of only four kids in her class to make the Director’s Honor Roll (all As and Bs).

Let’s put this in perspective…2 ½ years ago we ripped her away from her friends and family in the U.S. She did not speak Spanish back then. She now attends a school in a third world country, where she is the only gringa in the entire school. All the other students and most of her teachers come from a different culture and speak a different language. Half of her classes are taught in Spanish…all instruction, homework and tests. On top of this she is the class President, got first place in the art contest and performs in the school choir.

Madison has come a long way. She has worked hard and overcome some amazing challenges. We thank God for His blessings and couldn’t be more proud of our daughter.