Last Kids Club Of 2009

Erin leading the craftOn Tuesday we hosted our last Kids Club of the year. This concludes our first full year of our children’s ministry in Armenia Bonito. This weekly event has been a focal point of our ministry to the kids in this poor community.

Sean and Mike went out a bit early and played soccer with a dozen or so boys. Erin, Madison, Lindsey and her girls came out at the start of Kids Club. While the boys played soccer the girls colored and completed puzzles.

Madison working with the kidsLindsey led the girls in a few Christmas carols she had been teaching the kids for a couple weeks. Sean then led a fun story on the three wise men. Erin then concluded the Kids Club with a Christmas oriented craft. We enjoyed serving the more than 30 kids that showed up.

We really enjoyed this weekly ministry and look forward to brining it back in 2010 after a brief hiatus.