VilmaVilma is an 11-year-old girl who lives in Armenia Bonito. Her dad is not around and her mom works. Vilma is the primary daily provider for her seven-year-old Sister and one-year-old brother. She does not attend school and is illiterate.

She is a big kid for her age and very strong. She has few friends, primarily because she has few social skills and usually punches first and asks questions later.

She used to be aggressive with us and other gringos we brought around. Eight months ago we were one bad experience from kicking her out of circle of friends and banning her from our events. We sat down with her and told her we loved her and wanted to be friends with her and friends don’t act like that with each other. From that point forward she did a near 180. She was loving, friendly, funny and a great helper for us. She was regularly attending Kids Club and English classes (even though she can’t read or write). What a success story she was.

We just discovered that the other day she stole toys from us during one of our regular play times. Nobody steals from us. It is amazing to us, but it just doesn’t happen. But, she did. It would have hurt less if it was someone else…anyone else. She had taken so many huge steps forward and now this major step backwards.  We had invested so much into her.

On Thursday Mike is going to seek her out to have “the talk” with her. She will be welcomed back and forgiven, but it doesn’t hurt any less. Please pray for Mike and Vilma.