Mike In Arizona Day 5 of 10

Mike is in Arizona for a 10-day trip. While in Arizona he will be visiting churches, pastors and church leadership to share our work here in Honduras.

Monday was a shopping day for Mike. He purchased all those important things – coffee syrup, comic books, new power cord for the computer, etc. We all laughed when Mike reported back that he went shopping for DVD movies. He said that he just walked out of the store and purchased nothing because, “There were just too many choices. It was all so overwhelming.  I am not used to having 10,000 choices.”

In the afternoon on Tuesday Mike had lunch with a gentleman to share with him our work. In the evening he visited with the Leadership Team of Phoenix United Reformed Church to share about recent ministry activities. This congregation has been a very active part of our work in Honduras from the beginning.

Check back frequently as Mike will be providing frequent updates and pictures.