Mike In Arizona Day 7 of 10

Mike is in Arizona for a 10-day trip. While in Arizona he will be visiting churches, pastors and church leadership to share our work here in Honduras.

Wednesday was a great day of activity and meeting with lots of great people. Mike started the morning by attending the Bible study for a small group of youth from Covenant Community Church. He led them in a study on “Availing Yourself To God’s Will.”

Mike then had a coffee meeting with the Pastor from Dessert Palms Presbyterian Church. Pastor Hand is a Godly man focused on sharing God’s love. After this meeting Mike was off to lunch with some great people from the same church. What a pleasure to share with and hear from these folks.

In the evening Mike attended dinner with some of the leadership from Phoenix United Reformed Church. After dinner he lead the Mens study group from the same church in a Bible study on 1 Samuel 10. These are a great group of guys intent on glorifying our Father.

Thursday has been a day of paperwork and phone calls. In the evening Mike is looking forward to dinner with two couples from Covenant Community Church.

Check back frequently as Mike will be providing frequent updates and pictures.