No To More And Yes To Less

This week we held our regular free medical clinic in Armenia Bonito. We were astounded to see about 100 people standing at the door waiting for us when we arrived in the morning. Unfortunately, because of finances, time and lack of personnel we can only treat 40-50 patients at each clinic.

One of Mike’s jobs is to act has the Administrator for our efforts in our clinics. That means it was his job to determine which 40 we would see and which 60 we would turn away. This is a hard job each week, but particularly hard on this day. It is very Honduran to ignore order and lines and instead mob to the front. However, some people had been waiting to be seen for almost four hours. We can’t determine who is most needy at the door so we simply ask everyone to get in line according to the order they arrived…HA…fat chance. It took an hour to sort it all out. Even then more then half of the people were turned away upset.

snake at clinicWe did get a nice bit of levity and distraction when one of the local teens showed up at the clinic with a young boa constrictor he had just captured 100 feet from our clinic. All the boys gathered around, most of the girls ran away, but everyone was wide eyed when Mike took the still living boa and walked around the clinic with it in his hands and around his neck. We needed that bit of light heartedness to break up a stressful morning.