Erin There, Mike And Maddy Here

Lord willing, for the next 18 days our family will be separated. On Thursday morning Erin boarded her first of four flights she would be taking over the next 24 hours. She left La Ceiba and was headed to Haiti via Miami and Chicago.

help in HaitiFor the next 18 days Erin will serve as a trauma nurse in Hell on earth…also known as Haiti. She and 14 other members of MTW’s Disaster Response Ministry will be addressing the physical and spiritual needs of those who survived the 7.0 earthquake. This is going to be physically and emotionally taxing on Erin. Please be in regular prayer for her. We have heard that it may be possible for her to communicate with us. Any information we receive will be posted on Erin’s Blog. Check there regularly for the latest information.

Madison and Mike will remain in La Ceiba. We will continue to keep our family, home and ministry afloat with the help of the McCann family. While we can’t host a proper medical clinic without Erin we still have two English classes and a Kids Club each week. In addition we have to organize and distribute thousands of school supplies and prepare our four scholarship kids for school. On top of that our two property purchases and our residency paperwork need lots of attention. And, most of all we will be in prayer for Erin.

It is such a thrill to serve God.