English For Adults And School Supplies For Kids

On Saturday Madison and Mike taught our third adults only English class. The class worked on conversation. We gave them themes and then we held individual conversations with each person. Some students are more advance then others, but we talked with each person at their ability level. Our topics included: “Describe your home.”, “How do you cook rice and beans?”, “Who is Jesus?”, “How do you travel from here to downtown?” and more.

Mike getting a hug from a school teacherIn the afternoon Madison and Mike and our teammates the McCanns distributed our school supplies to the kids in Armenia Bonito. Over 70% of Honduras lives in poverty. In addition all students must provide their own school supplies. Due in part to this requirement only 1/3rd of the kids attend school beyond the sixth grade. Providing these school supplies makes education a real possibility for many of these kids.

Madison bringing school supplies to a churchIn previous months we asked our friends and supporters to send us school supplies or money to purchase supplies. The response was overwhelming. We were able to provide 20,350 school supplies into Armenia Bonito. Over 400 kids received all the school supplies they would need for the 2010 school year. The supplies went to three schools, three churches, one orphanage and the kids themselves. The 2010 school year begins in February and because of this effort many kids will be able to attend school who may not have otherwise had a chance.

Thanks so much to those of you who took part in this 2nd annual school supply drive.