Launch Of New Scholarship Webpage

four scholarship kidsWe are providing scholarships for four kids in Armenia Bonito to attend high school in the 2010 (Feb. – Nov.) school year. This is a great blessing for these kids and for this community. Less then 1/3rd of all Honduran kids attend school beyond the sixth grade. The average Honduran adult has attended 6.1 years of school. For these poor kids from Armenia Bonito to get this kind of opportunity is an absolute blessing.

We are asking our friends in the U.S. to be in regular prayer for these four kids. In order to make that easier for you we have created an individual webpage for each kid. You can find those four pages here. On each page is a video, pictures and a short personal update with prayer needs for each kid. We want you to get to know this kids of the years and watch them grow into the future leaders of Armenia Bonito and the church. Bookmark this page and return regularly.

These pages will be updated regularly with new information, pictures and prayer information. If you are going to spend your valuable time praying for these kids the least we can do is provide you with information to help you pray.

Thank you for blessing this ministry by praying for these four kids.