Baseball, Burning And Bread

Erin and Lindsey are busy purchasing everything from toilet paper to peanut butter. We have a short-term mission team arriving on Saturday and we are racing around to make sure we have everything ready for them.

burnt landWork continues on our two acres of land in Armenia Bonito. The workers chopped down the eight feet of grass and shrubs with machetes. They did it through two days of pouring rain. They wanted to work through the rain to beat the heat that was sure to follow. They then stacked up all the weeds and grass and burnt it. Next they started working on ripping out the old fence posts and barbed wire that line the property.

On Tuesday at Kids Club we taught a lesson on Jesus calming the ocean. During the game period beforehand we brought out a wiffle ball (like baseball) set that Sean picked up. We were uncertain how the kids would do with throwing and batting. Baseball is played in Honduras, but not much. What surprised us the most is that most of the girls could hit and throw and most of the boys could not. When we play soccer with the kids the girls don’t play. It was fun to get the girls involved in a team sport with the guys.