Medical Clinic And Working On The Property

The last two days it has been pouring down rain. Subsequently the temperatures have dropped. The men are happy to be free from the oppressive heat and are eager to get out and work in the sloppy mud. The kids, on the other hand, get sicker with mosquito born illnesses, colds and allergies.

The men working our propertyThe men have continued work on our two-acre parcel. They continue to remove fence posts and have started removing large stones. Today one of the men was happy to report to Mike that they have killed five snakes so far. Our job foreman, in an unrelated accident, was hit by a car on Wednesday. For those of you who know Santos, he did not stay in the hospital, has no broken bones and will recover fully.

Erin working with a worried mom and a little oneOn Thursday we hosted our first full medical clinic in almost a month. With Erin being gone in Haiti we held no medical clinics. Erin was happy to get back to what she loves. She even implemented some new tricks she picked up in Haiti. Erin believes she even found a case of Malaria.

Mike praying with a worried 37 year old single mother of threeWe treated nearly 40 patients. Mike ran intake. He took everyone’s vital information and primary complaints. He checked blood pressure, blood sugar, heart rate, height and weight. Mike was able to pray with each person and give them an evangelism tract in Spanish. The community was pleased to have their medical clinic back.