Road Trip To San Pedro Sula

Mike and Erin and a van of stuffIn about six short weeks we will be hosting our first of 10 short-term mission teams. The amount of planning and organization that goes into that type of undertaking is massive. On Friday Erin and Mike took a road trip to San Pedro Sula to purchase supplies for our future teams.

San Pedro Sula is three hours away and offers more opportunity to purchase bulk items that help us keep costs down for the teams. We took the McCann’s van and loaded it with supplies to help keep our future guests alive. We spent $1000 on everything from cereal to sandwich bags.

mmmmmmIn comparison to our little town of La Ceiba, San Pedro Sula is a huge metropolis. It offers many trappings we can’t often get in La Ceiba. There are many U.S. based stores and restaurants that are familiar to us. We took advantage of the six-hour roundtrip. We enjoyed a family favorite lunch of sushi and topped it off with a Cinnabon. These are two cravings that seldom get quenched. Overall it was a productive and enjoyable day.