Much Ado About A Wall

2000 new blocksThe wall that will ultimately encircle our two-acre ministry center in Armenia Bonito is moving along. The two foot deep foundation has been dug and the cement has been poured on three of the four sides of the property. Two thousand more cinderblocks were just purchased and delivered. A dozen local laborers continue to dig, and lift, and mix, and lay.

On Monday we did receive our first little setback. A municipal worker happened by the property and asked our Foreman to see our permits. When our Foreman informed him that the project was a charity work they both agreed to permits were not needed, but municipal "permission" was required. On Tuesday Mike took the citation into the local municipal office and learned that no fine was needed, no work needed to be halted, but Mike would need to return with copies of five or six documents. Bureaucracy is the same in any culture.