Medical Conference Continues

AMLTWe are in the middle of hosting MTW’s Advanced Medical Leadership (AMLT) conference here in La Ceiba, Honduras. The 35 doctors, nurses and non-medical personnel attending the conference are in the midst of 10 hours of daily lectures and labs.

We are busy putting out typical fires and addressing minor emergencies. You know the usual stuff…lost luggage, 12 canceled translators, three people want SIM chips, organizing last minute changes to side trips, changes in menu, etc.

The conference is going well and the participants are learning much about providing medical treatment in third world conditions. Sean, Mike and Erin and have all done presentations for the group. Much of our ministry continues as usual as we help with the conference. This is resulting in 10-hour workdays and lots of driving.

The AMLT conference continues until Sunday and concludes with two massive medical clinics on Friday and Saturday.