Getting The Word Out

flyersOn Wednesday and Thursday Mike spent most of each day driving around La Ceiba with several boys from Armenia Bonito. They were handing out hundreds of flyers for three events we have coming up.

First, Mike and the boys handed out nearly a thousand flyers in the communities of Sambo Creek and Armenia Bonito. They were advertising the two clinics we are hosting in those two communities on Friday and Saturday. The 20+ medical professionals currently attending our medical conference will be working at these clinics and will hopefully be able to treat hundreds of people at these clinics. These doctors and nurses will be implementing techniques they have learned at the conference.

Next, Mike and the boys personally delivered invitations to nearly 70 churches. The invitations were for the theological conference we are hosting May 27-29. We are inviting local church Pastors and leaders to attend our theological conference on the topic of marriage.

There is no widespread access to internet, a phone list or mailing addresses to get this information out. To get the word out for these events it must be done by hand.