Making It Work

Sometimes poverty and necessity make for creative results to important needs. Even if your family has little or no money you still must cook, sleep, wash your clothes, bath and protect yourselves from the elements. The residents of Armenia Bonito make less than $3,000/year and have an unemployment rate above 50%. However, life must go on and sometime creativity is a good substitute for money.

bathing in the 'fridgeBathing in Armenia Bonito is complicated when few houses have running water or indoor plumbing. The most common solution is a tarp strung between four trees or posts and a hose hung over the top or a bucket dumped on one’s head. Another creative solution is an old refrigerator turned on the side and filled with water to make a bathtub.

Toys are often replaced with sticks, empty bottles or old gloves. Soccer balls, a favorite among the boys, can be substituted with wads of tape, coconuts or flat balls.

cooking over a fireCooking is almost always done over open fires. Burning wood is the primary source of fule. Outdoor kitchens are frequently fitted with grills welded from scrap metal, ovens formed of mud or stoves made of rocks and bricks. Temperatures are checked by touch.

Even with these “handicaps” life goes on. Just like the rest of the world the residents of Armenia Bonito strive for time saving technology…but, sometimes that comes in the form of a spatula instead of a rock or a shovel instead of a pointy stick.