Gran Carnival de La Ceiba 2010

Gran Carnival de La CeibaThe Gran Carnaval Internacional de La Ceiba is going on this week. It is an annual celebration held every May. The week-long event is held in honor of Saint Isidore the Laborer, the patron saint of La Ceiba. The celebration starts at least one week before the main event which is a big parade followed by an all-night party along La Ceiba’s main thoroughfare. Each year the 200,000-person city swells to more than double the normal size.

The La Ceiba Carnival is the largest carnival held in Central America. It is followed worldwide by an impressive amount of people via satellite and cable TV.

There is a pageant queen, carnival rides, competitions and a large parade. However, the biggest draw to Carnival is the nightly street parties. Each night a different neighborhood is overrun by stages, bands, dancers, vendors, games and lots of beer and bare skin. These all-night parties draw hundreds of thousands of visitors.  The nightly celebrations will intensify each night leading up to the big celebration this Saturday.

Our ministry, stores and life in general are put on hold as traffic increases, stores run out of goods and roads are blocked off.

In short: it is just crazy in La Ceiba this week.

To take a look at our short video of Carnival 2009 go HERE.