Tropical Storms, Missed Flights And Lost Bags

Our 4th short-term mission team of the summer is still not here. The team from Grace Community Church of Mobile, Alabama was expected to arrive on Saturday at 1:30pm, but they have not arrived.

On Saturday the team traveled from Mobile to Atlanta to catch their Delta flight to Honduras. At the time they were scheduled to leave tropical storm Alex was over Honduras. Delta canceled their flight and rescheduled them to fly out on Sunday. The team spent Saturday night in a hotel in Atlanta.

On Sunday they caught their Delta flight from Atlanta to Roatan island (in Honduras). When they arrived in Roatan they discovered that Delta never put their bags on the plane and their luggage was still in Atlanta. They needed to fill out their lost luggage paperwork and missed their 15-minute flight from Roatan to La Cieba, which was the last flight of the day. No more flights or boats until Monday.

The team is now spending Sunday night in a hotel on the island of Roatan and will catch the 7:00am ferry Monday morning to La Ceiba. In short – they should have been here Saturday at 1:30pm, and if all goes well they will arrive Monday at 8:15am.

Clearly Satan is eager to prevent them from serving in Honduras. Please pray for this group.