Update On The Ministry Center

Over five months ago we began construction on our ministry center in the poor community of Armenia Bonito. On this two-acre property we will build a high school, a medical clinic, a church and more.

buildingThe first thing we did was construct a 10 foot wall around the perimeter of the property. Since then we have been working, almost exclusively, on our large multi-use building. This structure will be the size of a basketball court (about 100 ft. by 60 ft.). The floor will be raised two feet off the ground to protect from heavy rains. The 20 foot high roof will protect from rain and sun. The walls will be made of cyclone fencing to allow for a cooling breeze.

multi-use builingWe will install permanent goals for indoor soccer and permanent goals for basketball. We will also have removeable posts for volleyball. The facility will be used for morning assembly for the high school and for special events like community meetings, concerts, speaking engagements, etc.

We do not have enough money to complete this project. In fact, we currently have only enough money to complete the current building. Every move we have made on this ministry center has been made on faith. We will move forward knowing that God will continue to provide the resources we need when He believes it is time.