A Big Week For Our Street Children Program

Our future plans for our ministry include having a full time Street Children program in downtown La Ceiba. We want to start with a homeless kids drop-in center that will provide a hot meal, clean clothes, a temporary bed and a shower for kids as a way a building relationships with them. Shortly after that we are looking to build and operate a full time children’s home for kids who have no home to go to. This past week we took two large strides towards realizing this dream.

Kate deFuniakKate deFuniak, our future teammate and Street Children coordinator, visited La Ceiba for a week. She met with government officials as well as current and past operators of homeless kids homes. Kate met with a man who, as a child, grew up on the streets. In addition she went out on the streets at night and talked to several kids who currently live on the streets. This past week helped us to transfer the dream from our heads to Kate’s heart and helped her get a vision for her future work.

Additionally, MTW’s Street Children program published their quarterly magazine. They featured our plans as the cover story for this issue. This magazine goes out to thousands of people who are interested in supporting programs that provide options for kids without homes. You can read the article here.

Please be in prayer for Kate and for our future Street Children program.