Urgent Prayer Need

plans for the propertyStarting in January we began construction on our two-acre ministry center in the poor community of Armenia Bontio. When completed this facility will host a high school, a medical clinic and a church. It will also have a multi-use building that will be used for indoor soccer, basketball, volleyball, school assemblies and large gatherings.

So far we have poured $100,000 into this facility. We have never had more then a few thousand dollars in our hands at a time, but we continue to move forward on faith. God continues to provide us with individuals and churches that have been able to contribute a little bit of support at a time. In nearly constructionseven months we have not missed a day of work or a payment on materials.

Our resources are running low, but we continue to have faith that God will provide all we need. At our current rate we will run out of finances by the end of August.

How can you help? Pray and support.

1) Please pray that our Father provides the resources necessary to allow us to continue building.
2) Contribute financially.

If you would like to make a onetime contribution please send your check to:

Mission to the World
P.O. Box 116284
Atlanta, GA 30368-6284
Attn: #92410

Make sure you write "#92410" in the memo of the check.

To Donate online go HERE and enter 92410 in the designation.

Thank you so much for supporting this ministry. We will keep you informed.