A New Baby, Picture Of A Baby And Lots Of Kids

Our 12-person short-term mission team from Trinity Presbyterian Church of Harrisburg, PA is hot and doing great.

Maria and her new babyOn Monday and Tuesday morning the team did construction work. Some of the group worked on the floor for the multi-use building in our ministry center. The group also worked on a new house for a single mom named Maria. Maria currently lives in a 500 sq. ft. house with her son-in-law and six kids. Maria had been very pregnant. We are happy to report that this weekend Maria delivered a beautiful, healthy baby girl. We are excited that soon this new baby will be able to move into her new home.

Monday afternoon the team helped teach an English class for 11 students. The class learned food and cooking terms and then worked on reading and pronunciation with a story from the book of John.

Tuesday afternoon the team hosted a Kids Club for 35 kids. They played games, taught the kids a new song and did a craft. They performed a skit about the Good Samaritan.

Tuesday the team hosted their first of three medical clinics. They treated 78 patients from four provider stations. They worked on lancing abscesses, treating parasites, an atrophied leg and more. The ear specialist was able to test, diagnose and treat hearing loss for eight people.

ultrasoundOne of the highlights of the day was a lady who was five months pregnant. This was her fourth pregnancy and she had not yet felt her baby move. She had already resigned herself to the fact that her baby was dead. One of the doctors brought a portable sonogram machine. This mother had never seen an ultrasound of any of her babies and here she was in a dirty, hot, brick building laying on a wobbly wooden bench and seeing her baby…move. Yes indeed, her baby was alive and well and the tears flowed from all.