Heat, River And More Sick People

Our 12-person short-term mission team from Trinity Presbyterian Church of Harrisburg, PA is in the middle of some oppressive heat.

jumping off of the big rockWednesday morning the team continued simultaneous construction on our ministry center and on a new house for a single mother named Maria. At the ministry center the team worked on the roof for a guard shack and at Maria’s house they finished the roof, hung the doors and windows and started on the floor.

In the afternoon they took 25 kids to the river to go swimming. The local swimming hole is great fun for these kids and the team enjoyed it as well.

Throughout Wednesday they hosted their second medical clinic in medical clinictwo days. They treated 80 patients. Some of the patients were repeats and the team developed deeper relationships with them. There were a few pretty sick patients that had to be referred to the local public hospital. With prayer, evangelism and great patient care this team has been a blessing.

Thursday the team will continue construction work and host their final day of a medical clinic.