End Of A Season

Our 12-person short-term mission team from Trinity Presbyterian Church of Harrisburg, PA boarded their flight out of La Ceiba this morning. They were a great team and a joy to work with.

This draws to a conclusion our summer mission season. This summer we hosted eight short-term mission teams consisting of nine churches and 93 missionaries. An amazing amount of work and benefit was realized by these teams.

They accomplished so much, but at the top of the list was the construction of two new houses for two single mothers. This type of work is central to being the hands and feet of Christ on earth. The community sees Christ providing for poor, single mothers and marvels at his glory.

Thank you to the individuals who came to Honduras. But, also thank you to the families that sacrificed back home. Thank you to the churches that sent. And, thank you to the people who prayed and sent money.

We are so pleased that we were able to be a small part of God’s great work in Honduras. Take a look at our YouTube Channel to see some videos of the work the teams did this summer.