Ministry Center Construction Update

In the poor community of Armenia Bonito we are building a two-acre ministry center that will ultimately include a sports complex, a high school, a medical clinic and a church. We have been constructing this facility since January.

front fence completeWe hired a welder to design and fabricate fencing out of square steal tubing. He built and painted 15 fence sections and anchored them to the front wall of our ministry center. This provides an attractive and durable way to protect the front of our property.

guard shackAt the front of the ministry center we recently built a guard shack and storage facility. We want this building to be sturdy and secure. We just completed the construction of a five-inch thick cement roof on this building. This was very delicate and complicated to build, but in the end it will be a very secure and resilient roof.

Unfortunately, we are running very low on finances. The lack of finances will slow us down considerably, but we are confident additional finances will become available when God wants us to build. Please pray that additional finances will be available soon.