Laying Foundations

On Monday, September 6th we will hop in our car and begin the eight-day drive from Honduras to California to begin our six-month furlough. We are excited to live in the U.S. for the first time in over three years, but we are also sad leave our ministry behind. Our teammates (the Clows and the McCanns) are great people and we are supremely confident in them. We couldn’t leave this ministry in more capable hands.

So much exciting work has been done in the time we have been here. Now we have to leave for six months. It is as if we have been given front row seats to an amazing Broadway show and we are told at intermission that we have to leave…“But wait, how does it end?”

foundation for high schoolThe entire foundation was dug this week for the future high school on our ministry center. We have put so much of ourselves into this ministry center. The Honduran workers and our team will do a great job while we are gone. We just can’t bare to miss the excitement.

Mike and JorgeOh the people of Armenia Bonito. We have made some major cultural mistakes and messed up so many times. But, the Lord has done great work in spite of us. So many deep roots and such a strong foundation has been laid with so many people. The biblical foundations and the depth of some relationships are so thrilling. We will miss our friends in Armenia Bonito.

God has begun so much good work in Honduras and do some wonderful things. It will all continue while we are gone and after we return. It is just sad to say “adios”…even for only six months.