An Update From Somewhere In Mexico

We are in the middle of our 8-day, 4,000-mile trip from Honduras to the U.S. Know that we are taking lots of videos and pictures and a video will be produced as soon as we stop driving. While we have internet here are a few highlights and lowlights.

Driving all the way across Honduras for the first time was very cool. No problems at that border crossing as it only took 40 minutes.

mud slide in GuatemalaGuatemala has been the low point of our trip. Just a few days before we left a huge storm hit Guatemala. We saw over 300 mudslides and rock slides in the north and west. After climbing to the top of a 9,000 ft pass we were detoured because a mudslide had blocked the road. We were sent on a four-hour detour that covered some of the slowest and scariest roads we had ever seen.

old Guatemala...really coolThe Guatemala/Mexico border crossing was easy and took one hour and 40 minutes. The highlight of the trip so far has been spending quality time with each other (12 – 14 hours as day in the car). We have laughed so hard that we almost pulled the car over. We have prayed, sang, listened to books and planned.

We have stayed in a sketchy hotel or two, eaten some great meals from street vendors and seen some amazing things. We will update more if and when we can.