A Dirty Car And A Tired Dog

As we continue to work our way west through the U.S. our long drive from Honduras is coming to an end. Only a few more days until we reach California.

Our little red Nissan truck has been quite the trooper. It has gone up hills and across roads I would have not expected of it. It is, however, dirtier then I have seen a truck in a long time.

sleeping and pantingOur two-year old rottweiler is also doing well. Max has been quite the protector. He spends the cool parts of the trip in the back of the truck barking at anything that will listen. The hot parts of the day he comes inside the track and sits in the back seat. He is quite sleep deprived and a little stressed, but he has been a great protector.

Both Max and our truck prefer the flatter, straighter, less pothole filled roads of the U.S.