Driving Honduras To U.S. – Trip Log

Driving from La Ceiba, Honduras to Elk Grove, California – September 5, 2010 to Sept 12, 2010

Day 1 – 11 hours 39 minutes – 380 miles
La Ceiba, Honduras to Guatemala City, Guatemala
This was a great day that covered the length of Honduras and included a 40-minute border crossing. Rained the last hour. Great food in Guatemala City.

Day 2 – 11 hours 25 minutes – 244 miles
Guatemala City to Hehuetenango, Guatemala
This was our worst day. Due to storms we passed 300+ mud and rock slides and lost six hours to detours. The craziest roads of the trip were here. Dumpiest hotel of the trip.

Day 3 – 13 hours 50 minutes – 345 miles
Hehuetenango to Villahermosa, Mexico
Had a 1 hour 40 minute border crossing into Mexico. Much nicer roads, but all were windy and through the mountains. Very slow going. Amazing street tacos in Villahermosa.

Day 4 – 13 hours 30 minutes – 594 miles
Villahermosa to Tampico, Mexico
After three days of winding roads we finally found some straight toll roads and made good time. First day without police/military check points. More great street tacos and great $18 hotel.

Day 5 – 13 hours 50 minutes – 623 miles
Tampico to Monclova, Mexico
Day started with terrible roads. We were a little depressed and way behind schedule. After lunch we hit our first straight/fast roads of the trip and made it 140 miles further then planned.

Day 6 – 15 hours 15 minutes – 828 miles
Monclova to Deming, New Mexico
Great roads the last 2 hours of Mexico. Ten minute border crossing into the US. Got on highway 10 in Texas and crossed the entire state. Got about 300 miles further then planned.

Day 7 – 14 hours 50 minutes – 848 miles
Deming to Kettleman City, CA
Crossed all of New Mexico and Arizona. Best roads of the trip. Purposefully stopped three hours from Sacramento so we could make it to church the next morning.

Day 8 – 3 hours 1 minute – 201 miles
Kettleman City to Elk Grove, CA
Arrived at our home church two days ahead of our expected arrival. Walked in just before the service started to surprise everyone.

TOTALS – 97 hours 20 minutes hours behind the wheel – 4063 miles – averaged 580 miles per day