Future Dorm Keeps Moving

Our team is currently raising money for and constructing two ministry centers in Honduras. The downtown ministry center will ultimately have a medical clinic, a high school, a homeless children’s center, a church, a seminary and a dorm facility.

Our Honduran workers and teammate John Clow are blazing away to try and have the dorm facility usable by the summer mission season. Our first mission team (of 11) for the summer of 2011 is scheduled to arrive June 4, 2011. The big question is – Will our short-term missionaries be able to sleep in this dorm this summer?

The dorm facility will ultimately be a two-story building that sleeps upwards of 60 short-term missionaries. It will have bunks, showers, toilets and more. It will almost certainly not be completed by this summer. But, it is possible that the first floor could be completed and usable sometime this summer.

Currently short-term missionaries live in our house while they are in La Ceiba. Currently up to 20 additional people can “comfortably” sleep, shower and eat in our home. While we enjoy sharing our home with other, it would be nice to let them have their own space.

Please pray for finances, good weather, government cooperation and fast construction.  If you’d like to make an on-line contribution go HERE and enter 92412 as the designation.