Kids Club In Honduras Concludes A Great Fall

working on coloring before ChristmasOur team in Honduras has brought our weekly Kids Club program to a stop for a couple of weeks. They are concluding a very successful period in the life of our weekly kids Bible program. Several new things have been tried with positive outcomes.

Sean and Lindsey introduced a 10-week series that took the kids through each of the Ten Commandments. This covered a few new areas for some of the kids. In addition the application of God’s grace to the Ten Commandments an original idea for most.

Most recently the kids were taken through a series of studies on the birth of Christ. This pre-Christmas series also introduced the kids to many Christmas songs. The recent implementation of an attendance enforcement policy was a surprising success to our program.

This weekly program provides substantive biblical training for 20-50 kids each Tuesday. Pray for our team as they prepare to start up again in January.