In Atlanta For Training

We are in Atlanta attending MTW’s Re-entry Conference. This is a mandatory conference for all missionaries on furlough. At this event there will be 23 missionaries from all over the world. At this event there will be devotionals, counseling, lectures and instruction to help the missionaries address some of the emotional and spiritual problems that endemic among people working in other cultures.

It is thrilling for us to know that in addition to the training and counseling MTW has for adult missionaries, there will be a completely separate program focused on the needs of missionary kids. Madison will attend a simultaneous event put on by MTW’s Global Youth and Family Ministry (GYFM). This is thrilling to us. GYFM will spend three days talking to our kid and others, from a Christian perspective, about how they process the cultural and geographic changes in their lives.

Many missionaries suffer from various forms of emotional and spiritual problems. Living in a cross-cultural setting and also returning to your original culture can often be a difficult experience. This will be a great time of needed rejuvenation and healing for many.