Update On Ministry Center In Armenia Bonito

For 11 months straight our Honduran employees have been working five or six days a week constructing our ministry center in the community of Armenia Bonito. When it is done this facility will have a high school, medical clinic and a church.

playing soccer in the rainWe are also constructing an indoor soccer field. The kids have been so excited about playing on it, but we have tried to limit their play until the field was safe. It is a construction site after all. But, recently it has been raining so hard and the local dirt fields are flooded and muddy. Our team recently let the kids organize a couple of games on our unfinished field. You can see in this picture that it is pouring rain and the kids are having a great time.

second floor on schoolThe average Honduran only has six years of education. Less then 2/3rds of the kids go to school beyond the sixth grade. The high school we are building is going to be a great blessing to this community. Our workers, who are all local, are very excited about the school and working aggressively on it. This week they started erecting the walls on the second floor.

This is all so very exciting.