Thanks To The McCann Family

The McCann FamilyWe started down our Honduras mission journey simultaneously with Sean and Lindsey McCann. None of us knew each other five years ago, but our family has grown to value them as friends. To that, we are both sad and elated to report that in April they will conclude their time of service in Honduras as fulltime missionaries.

They have been integral members of our team for over two years. The McCanns started this ministry with us and have poured out just as much blood, sweat and tears and any of us. It is sad that we will not be able to love and work with them on a daily basis, but we know God’s timing is perfect. The McCanns have completed their two-year term and we are parting as dear friends.

It is thrilling to know that they will return to the U.S. continuing to work for our Lord. Sean has accepted yet another call to the ministry as an Assistant Pastor at Sovereign Grace Presbyterian Church in Charlotte, NC.

Since we have become close to the McCanns we have watched their family grow from three to five and learned to love each of them. We wish they could stay with us longer, but we are thrilled that God has allowed us to spend as much time with them as we have.

The McCanns have blessed our ministry and our family. Please continue to pray for them as they begin the process of closing out one stressful part of their lives and opening a new one.