Follow Honduras Ministry On Twitter

Follow Us On TwitterWe have started a Twitter account to keep our financial and prayer supporters more informed. You can follow us on Twitter by going HERE. If you subscribe to our Twitter account you will receive up-to-the-minute pictures, news and prayer requests about our ministry in Honduras. You can receive our Twitter updates directly to your smart phone, computer or blog reader (RSS feed).

Why are we going to start using Twitter? The year-to-year growth of Twitter has been unparalleled. There are nearly 200 million Twitter users. According to Arbitron (the consumer research company) those who use Twitter are “very inclined” to be dedicated to Twitter, many even using it as their primary source of information and news gathering.

If you are not a Twitter type person don’t worry. The addition of Twitter to our communications tool belt will not diminish our information dissemination via our blogs, Facebook, videos or monthly newsletters.

It is our hope that this will enable you to better know how to pray for us and the people of Honduras.