A Quick Trip To Honduras

Our family is on our way to La Ceiba, Honduras for a five-day trip. We left Arizona very early Monday morning and will return very late Friday night. The purpose of this short trip is to tend to a few pressing legal concerns.

The primary purpose of our visit is to renew our Honduran residency. Our one-year residency expires this week and we are all required to submit the new paperwork in person.

In addition we must address a few other legal issues related to our ministry properties. Under the guidance of our Honduran attorney Mike will be visiting the La Ceiba municipal office to put out a fire or two.

There is currently a short-term mission team from Pennsylvania living in our house. Our priority is our legal issues, but we want to interact with the team as much as possible.

Also on our list of things to do – renew our phone service, internet service and rental contract. And, we’d really like Maddy to get a chance to visit with her two best friends.

Pray we are able to accomplish this all in our brief whirlwind trip. This blog will be updated frequently…stay tuned.