Day Two Of Our Short Trip Back To Honduras

Wednesday was a great day for us back in Honduras. We are only here for a couple of days to take care of a few legal issues.

In the morning we joined the Hondurans in construction on our ministry center and in the afternoon we taught an English class.
Mike thanking the group
This was a very exciting day in the life of our ministry. At lunch we invited all of the construction workers from our ministry center to come back to the work site with their families. Nearly 50 people showed up including 12 workers their wives and kids.

there is such thing as a free lunchAll of us celebrated one year of construction work on our ministry center in Armenia Bonito. We thanked all of the workers and reminded them that they were not working for us, but for their neighbors and for God’s glory. The entire group prayed together and then we provided lunch for all of them. Our team gave each employ a bonus to show our appreciation. We concluded the festivities with a “friendly” gringo vs. Honduran soccer match.

In the two years before we started work on our ministry center, none of these men had worked more then 20 weeks total. In the past year all of them have worked 52 weeks. The unemployment rate in Honduras is over 50% and these men don’t get opportunities to work this much. They are just as pleased to have a regular job as we are with their product.